Huawei launches AppSeeker, a store with access to Google apps

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If you have been thinking that you like the new Huawei and Honor phones such as the Huawei P40 Pro or the Honor View 30 Pro, but you are discouraged that they do not have access to the Google Play Store, pay attention, because Huawei has approved through the App Gallery a new application called AppSeeker, capable of giving you direct access to Google and Facebook apps that are not in the Chinese company’s store.

App Seeker is very similar to what we expected from App Search, but unlike that tool that works directly in Huawei’s browser –and which belongs to the company–, this is an independent application, whose developer has compiled the most important apps to offer the installation package to users.

In my first days testing the Huawei P40 Pro, it seemed like a headache not to have WhatsApp directly in the App Gallery, but App Seeker solves the problem of having to search for apps all over the Internet since it creates shortcuts to original or third-party sources they have those apps that you want to download.


Downloading apps for a Huawei cell phone

After downloading AppSeeker, currently available through the App Gallery for Latin America, I decided to search for the most popular applications and this was the result, so you have an idea of ​​how the application works.

  • WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, Spotify, Netflix: I was directed to the official website of the application and from there I had to download the APK file and give access to the installation of programs from external sources.
  • YouTube, Gmail, Google Photos: The application suggests the installation of a shortcut on your Home screen, it is not one, but offers an alternative to access the Web version of the service.
  • Google Drive: As an alternative, I was offered to download Huawei Cloud, you cannot have direct access to Drive, or to any of the applications such as Google Spreadsheets or Word Processor.
  • Facebook Messenger, Twitter: He directed me to a download website called ApkPure.
  • Google Chrome: I was directed to APKMirror and it installed successfully.
  • Google Maps: I installed Go Maps, an application that is rather direct access to the Google Maps Web.

In summary, this new store that claims to have the same version of the applications from the Google Play Store is not official but offers quick access to install applications on Huawei phones without Google Mobile Services.

The applications that are directly linked to Google Mobile Services are those that cannot be downloaded and installed, although in some cases Web versions can be used. Technically, any other app, even if you can’t find it in the App Gallery, could be installed, although its operation in many cases will depend on the link with Google services.

As we always explain to users, the installation of other application stores that require the installation of internal files can leave your cell phone unprotected, so it is always advisable to take precautions.

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