A bill was sanctioned by Trump against Russia


A bill was sanctioned by Trump against Russia

A bill was sanctioned by Trump against Russia for imposing new sanctions – On Wednesday, President Donald Trump had signed a bill imposing new sanctions on Russia. Sources say that this bill restricts President Donald Trump’s potential to ease sanctions against Moscow.

One of the major pieces of first legislation bill was sent to Trump’s desk and is the representation of new Congress veto power. This bill purely signifies the rebuke of President from removing Russia sanctions by blocking him.

The White House has made the announcement after 11 AM when the bill was signed. Sources say the bill constitutes an ordinal number of constitutional provisions that implies to oust the presidents’ exclusive constitutional authority to ascertain foreign governments including their territorial borders.

Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s Prime Minister has expressed his dissatisfaction and had reacted strongly. He said, “It showed a “fully-fledged trade war (has been) declared against Russia” and that “the Trump administration demonstrated complete impotence, in the most humiliating manner, transferring executive powers to Congress.”

Trump asserted in a statement that the bill remains seriously flawed because it intruded the executive branch authority to negotiate. He also said, even after seven years of talking Congress was unable to clinch health care bill. This bill makes it harder for the USA to get deals for American people by limiting executive flexibility. This bill will drive China, Russia, and North Korea close together.

He strongly asserted that he had built a great company worth of billion dollars and that is the reason why he was being elected. Also said he can make great deals with foreign countries than Congress and ended the statement.

On the other hand, Medvedev referred Trump as an incompetent player who must be eliminated and the slightest hope for Washington and Kremlin for improving relations has ended. Also, the future matters between USA and Russia might tend to be tense and have threatened to escalate these subjects to International courts.


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