Arjun Reddy The Best of Recent Times


Arjun Reddy The Best of Recent Times

Arjun Reddy The Best of Recent Times – The controversy started right from the release of Arjun Reddy’s teaser. One of the highest views ever for a small hero. Even in Multiplex’s, there was a loud roar from the viewers while watching the film. 6 of every 10 students would have come across many instances showcased in the movie.

The movie gets an “A” certificate, the reasons can be various – many lip locks, vulgar gestures, vulgar dialogues, etc. Definitely, not a movie to go with family, it’s either with your girlfriend/boyfriend or with your friends. There is much bold stuff portrayed by the lead roles and lot of unexpected, surprising and shocking elements in the movie and definitely justified.

Instantly, after watching the teaser/trailer, we would come to the conclusion that the lead role is the guy who always uses filthy language. It all starts when people don’t show respect to women. This guy is a free-spirited soul who is highly principled and educated and shows solid belief in his principles and in his philosophy.



By profession, the lead protagonist is a doctor who reminisces his graduation days. Arjun Reddy (Vijay Devarakonda) is shown as a medical student with an irascible attitude in the flashback. This guy falls in love with his junior Preeti Shetty (Shalini Pandey) in college in Mangalore. Due to caste differences, Preety’s parents rejected for their relationship to get to the next level. This is Arjun’s major turning point of his life. He gets addicted to drugs, becomes a drunkard. All these happen while practicing the noble profession of doctor. The rest of the story is all about whether Arjun comes out of this depressed state.



Movie Talk

Though the runtime of the movie is for 3 hours without much fights and songs, Arjun Reddy made the audience hooked to seats throughout. The movie¬†doesn’t seem to be directed by a debutant, instead, Sandeep Vanga has shown his exceptional skills as a director in this movie. The lead role’s character definitely connects to many youths in the present day world. The aggressive behavior of Arjun in the first half and post break up scenes are the major catches for the movie. Though the movie slows down in the second half, the movie manages to take the viewers on an emotional ride.


Best Parts

No doubt, Arjun Reddy (Vijay) has done justice to his character as an aggressive medical student and the rest of the movie. Dialogues and music are the heart and soul of the film. The best part is where Amit is attacked by Arjun for mistreating Preeting (Holi Episode). One more episode is when Arjun quarrel with Preeti’s family. The other one is when his grandmother dies. This isn’t the end, instead, there are many other scenes wherein you’ll definitely enjoy.



The movies is strictly “No” for kids. Too many lip-lock scenes. At times, people get bored wherever the lip-locks aren’t required. The climax is definitely a heartbreak with an overly cinematic ending.



Forget about the negatives, go watch the movie only at theaters. Awesome movie for couples and strictly “No” for kids.

QLBnews – 3.5/5


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