Underrated Best Thriller Movies of Hollywood


Best Thriller Movies – Thriller is an extensive genre. Within it, you’ve got many sub-genres such as a romantic thriller, sci-fi thriller, psychological thriller. And then, there’s a crime thriller. Probably, the most intriguing of all genres of cinema. As you may be knowledgeable about popular crime thriller films like ‘Se7en’, we chose today to record down crime thrillers which aren’t as popular. Here’s the listing of high crime thrillers which are grossly underrated.

Best Thriller Movies


Unbreakable (2000)

Best Thriller Movies
Best Thriller Movies – Unbreakable

Length of disbelief- that’s exactly what this film lives on. Right from the writing, that which builds up so gradually for David after he meets Elijah Price. He has been told he could be having a condition which led to him staying uninjured during different calamities. Shyamalan’s perfect storytelling with direction brings us the personality’s mind-space at a plate, garnished with pertinent cinematography. Maybe this is the best thriller leaping between the grounds of clouds and reality of a dream.


A Walk Among the Tombstones (2014)

Best Thriller Movies
Best Thriller Movies – A Walk Among the Tombstones

The narrative starts with some flashback of Detective Matt Scudder together with his partner handling thugs in the pub. After eight long years, he’s approached by means of a junkie who requests him to assist his brother in a murder case. Matt agrees as he investigates this situation further, it will help him understand his own demons and also the way to conquer them.With an intriguing spin on a very simple narrative, ‘A walk among the Tombstones’ could be Liam Neeson’s most fascinating movie. This movie is more natural; none of all those facets request calling the movie a crime thriller. It has a number of calm moments where greater attention is paid to the character’s narrative and his/her part within it. Then you will find the extreme scenes using all the Gee yet natural light and virtually no soundtracks which makes it more engaging.


Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002)

Best Thriller Movies
Best Thriller Movies – Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

A great try at direction by George Clooney, this film depicts the life of Chuck Barris, a favorite producer, who promised to work for the CIA. Chuck, who dreams of getting famous on T.V faces several failures before meeting a CIA representative Jim Bryd and becoming an assassin. After returning from his training, he’s delegated with several assignments by the agency. His series The Newlywed profits his fame, and wherever he travels the CIA gives him missions to perform. However, sometime after he comes near the horrible side of this agency and he sees as his own livelihood in addition to private life goes. This film travels around various genres which range from crime thriller to black humor.


The Raid: Redemption (2011)

Best Thriller Movies
Best Thriller Movies – The Raid: Redemption

Whenever you’ve got a fantastic story but also the backing of a genius implementation, ‘The Raid’ occurs. Directed by Gareth Evans, this film was created on a very small bit of 1.1 million. The entire film is based at a building in Jakarta slum, in which a group of 20 police officers plans to get a raid. In an effort to get rid of the crime lord Tama Riyadi, the group manages to sweep first 6 floors but what goes south once they recognize they’ve been ambushed by a massive crowd. The Raid is a very underrated film with action-packed, well-choreographed battle sequences.


Gangster Squad (2013)

Best Thriller Movies
Best Thriller Movies – Gangster Squad

Sought to remove the mafia from Los Angeles, Chief Bill Parker makes a secret police unit called ‘Gangster Squad’ from the public. They are after Mickey Cohen, a gangster with control over the prohibited in addition to legal aspects of L.A and attempts to expand his venture into New York. Gangster Squad includes all of the action and a fantastic story required to make this dramatic bad versus wicked mix, and each character has a causality to be in this category.


Rendition (2007)

Best Thriller Movies
Best Thriller Movies – Rendition

After a suicide bomber kills 19 people in North Africa, CIA agent Douglas Freeman has been sent to investigate the situation. The goal of the assault was a high ranking police officer who’s a liaison for the U.S and an interrogator. In the meanwhile, an Egyptian born chemical engineer residing in Chicago is framed by a terrorist organization and is taken to torture and interrogate while returning from a summit in South Africa. The story mainly focuses on Jake Gyllenhaal’s character, the way he learns to behave and follow his instincts. With fine direction, this narrative goes nicely with the political in addition to emotional connections between personalities.

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Snatch (2000)

Best Thriller Movies
Best Thriller Movies – Snatch

So we have got Benico Del Toro in yet another avatar in this thriller that revolves around an 86 carat diamond heist. Several trained robbers are behind this diamond as it moves from 1 suitcase to another. Guy Ritchie handles to set a significant number of characters by making sound his weapon. Every personality or a group has distinct soundtracks, and scene changes are extremely methodical – from the signature Guy Ritchie double screens to prop motion alterations.


Layer Cake (2004)

Best Thriller Movies
Best Thriller Movies –  Layer Cake

The narrative starts with an unnamed person who has set himself to become among the greatest cocaine vendors in London. This guy, who likes to call himself XXXX, was assigned a mission of finding the daughter of the boss’s buddy. As he moves deeper into the search together with his two con artists, it leads him into an intricate web of intertwined characters. The screenplay was composed with XXXX’s understanding of the snare he is falling into and also the characters being placed at each stop of the narrative.


Fight Plan (2005)

Best Thriller Movies
Best Thriller Movies – Fight Plan

Loosely based on Hitchcock’s ‘A Lady Vanishes’, ” Flight Plan comprises more puzzle than the crime element. A woman who recently lost her husband must look after herself and her own daughter. They’re aboard Aalto Airlines Elgin 474, an aircraft that she aided design. After waking up from a brief rest, she realizes that her daughter is missing. Additionally, everyone on the airplane denies or is oblivious to their kid’s existence. The suspense was well-built throughout, backed by the well-thought cinematography.


Traffic (2000)

Best Thriller Movies
Best Thriller Movies – Traffic

Yet another picture from Steven Sodenberg with exceptional visual cues. This one has three simultaneous timelines, using the exact same link- drug warfare. Steven’s artwork of inter-cutting could be seen throughout from different point of views like the traffickers, politicians, and users. Each timeline has another feel – the one with Michael Douglas as the judge includes a trendy tungsten filter, then includes the Mexican Cartel is very warm and also the one using the undercover DEA job is balanced. Each of the three timelines effort to go hand in hand using exactly the exact same subject; just how entangled the war is in itself and how unworthy are the efforts to finish this, and it’s been successfully done using all the hand-held camera.


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