Bugs that shorten the life of your laptop

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A laptop is one of the biggest investments a person makes, so you should be especially careful when using this device, as you could be making some mistakes that would cause it to break down prematurely.

Bugs that shorten the life of your laptop
Bugs that shorten the life of your laptop


Keep reading and meet some!

You put it on your lap

Doing so could shorten the life of your laptop. Remember that the processor is the brain of the computer and if it gets too hot, it will need to be vented, according to Business Insider.

Often the fan is located on the bottom of the laptop, where there is usually a little ventilation, but if this part is covered by your pants or a blanket, the laptop could overheat , damaging it.

You never turn it off

Many people only close the lid of the machine at night and restart it the next morning. The problem is that when you leave it on, your computer won’t have the updates it needs.

Remember that systems need ‘patches’ to correct vulnerabilities or improve software, and most of these patches have no effect unless you restart the laptop.

You lift her up on the screen

It’s easy to grab an open laptop from the top, which is the part of the screen. The bad thing is that there are metal screws attached to the plastic case of your laptop and by pulling these screws you could loosen them.

The best thing is that you always lift it from the base.

You never installed antivirus

This software is essential to avoid errors in the system. If a virus enters your machine it could cause it to heat up to the point where it breaks down, according to Reader’s Digest.

You have a lot of tabs open

Users often keep many tabs open at the same time, making the machine work harder to keep all those web pages up and running.

Take into account that the more the processor works, the more heat it will generate, which could also shorten its useful life.

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