Who can be the president a Politician or a Non-Politician


Who can be the president a Politician or a Non-Politician

Anyone can be a president of our country or the first person as per the Article 54 of the constitution and it can also be a Politician? Though it has to be elected by the MP’s and MLA’s and also the two union territories. While most of the presidents in India were politicians and non-politicians as well.  As President is the very respected position in India and holds the constitutional rights of the country, hence a lot of distinguished and well-known and respected people and the politicians, if any? Who does not have any remark on their career are eligible to contest for this and can hold?

The president has to be neutral in nature and has to hold all the constitution institutions with great respect and is like a second guard to the government.  Any laws in this country, cleared from the both of the houses of the parliament unless it gets an ordinance of the president can’t become a legal law. I regard this position has to be given or to be elect a person that can hold the sanctity of the position, it can be either a politician or non-politician. As the position, itself is neutral and can also advise any government for that matter, if it really warrants.

My only stance is whether all the parties in this country wants a Politician to be the first person in the country, he/she should not be politically motivated and should be neutral. As soon as the person is elected and sworn in as President, then he/she has to disassociate himself or herself from the party and is a neutral person thereafter or else the post of such high stance is maligned and then it’s a really a threat to our democratic and constitutional structure, which can, directly and indirectly, post a direct threat to our country.


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