Chal Mohana Ranga Trailer


Chal Mohana Ranga Trailer – It has already crossed 3 million views on YouTube. The Trailer starts with a beautiful foreign backdrop. Hero asks for heroin’s name in a public transport and the trailer ends with Rao Ramesh saying “He’s Wonder than Wonderful”. Trivikram being the story writer for the movie, we can clearly observe his touch.

Chal Mohana Ranga Trailer

Chal Mohana Ranga Trailer
Chal Mohana Ranga Trailer

These dialogues will definitely be enjoyed by the audience –

Nitin – “Yela Vunnanandi?”, Megha – “Sunny Leone sister la vunnav”, Nitin – “Yento Mee Abhimaanam andi, goppa goppa vaalatho polchesthunnaru”

Nitin – “Nannu Chusi Yevadra Whistle Vesindhi?” Comedian – “Ivan periya Pawan Kayane” Nitin – Ooty lo chalesthe Kotleskovaali, magaalaki beatleyyakudadhu”

Doctor – “Cheppandi Problem Yemiti” Nitin – “Raathri padhi tharwatha mandhu dhorakatledhu doctor”

This is highlight – Yekkadikocharu? Yem chesthunnaru? Yem Maatlaaduthunnaru? Reply – Ooty kocham, Mandhu thaaguthunnam, Telugu maatladuthunnam

Chal Mohana Ranga Trailer
Chal Mohana Ranga Trailer

The combination of Pawan Kalyan & Sudhacar Reddy (Producers), Krishna Chaitanya (the Director), Thaman S. (Music Director), and Trivikram Srinivas (Story) itself seems to be a big hit for the movie. Nithin and Megha Akash being a lovely pair in their previous project “Lie”, hope this movie too will definitely cross the boundaries. This is just like adding Sweet to the already sweetened dish (the movie Chal Mohana Ranga will definitely be sweeter). Naresh, Rao Ramesh, Srinivasa Reddy, Sanjay Swaroop, Narra Srinu, Pragathi, and Madhu seems to have added more essence to the movie.

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Currently, Nitin is on cloud nine and riding high as he has got continuous Block Busters like A Aa, Lie etc. This is the first movie for Power Star producing with his new banner “Pawan Kalyan Creative Works”. Nithin’s father Sudhacar Reddy’s Sreshth Movies is a well-known distribution company and production house in Tollywood. Ishq, Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde, Chinnadana Nee Kosam, etc are few of the movies under this house.

Enjoy watching the trailer –


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