Coronavirus, Conte: “Phase 2 is not all free, but prudently let’s restart Italy”

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The measures will be presented by the end of the week. Premier: “The lockdown cannot be continued, but the exit must take place safely”. Trade unions: “Many issues remain open”

Coronavirus Italy

“The review of social distancing measures does not mean free everyone, but we cannot shut citizens in the house forever.” This is what Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte explained during the control room with the Regions and local authorities. The body includes Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the Ministers of Regional Affairs and Health, Francesco Boccia, and Roberto Speranza, the representatives of Regions and Municipalities and Vittorio Colao, at the helm of the task force on reopening. Instead, the Council of Ministers was postponed, called to give the green light on the budget shift, which was expected immediately afterward.

Watch out for the contagion curve

“We have to start again keeping the contagion curve under control. The constant updating of information from the territories – number of people infected, places available for intensive care, etc. – will be essential to manage phase two under conditions of maximum precaution”. This was said by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte during the direction booth with Regions and local authorities. At the end of the meeting, Stefano Bonaccini called a meeting of the Conference of the Regions for 15:00.dc841a9bf823.html

2.7 million workers were involved in the restart on 4 May

In any case, we must hurry considering that every week of blocking costs roughly half a point of GDP. The strategic lines had been agreed in the morning during another video conference with the task force led by Vittorio Colao whose task it is to prepare the plan. The plan foresees that Monday 27 April those in good standing with all the security protocols can start again. Then at least 2.7 million people will recover from May 4.

During the week the program for reopening

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has announced that within the week he will indicate the national program of openings from May 4: he should do it between Friday and Saturday. To arrive at the final decision, the government will hold a series of confrontation meetings with all stakeholders, including the social partners. Trade unions and business groups could be called in the next few hours, for a confrontation with the government that should take place at the latest on Friday, even if accelerations are not excluded.

In small steps

The procedure for shops that could open the gates on May 11 is slower. Bars and restaurants should wait until the following week. Colao presented a five-page document in addition to the slides with the steps to be taken. Among the former, there will be a protocol for public transport considering that 15% of manufacturing and construction workers use them to go to work. The task force’s recommendation (“use all bicycles”) is certainly not conclusive. The two wheels are a solution in urban centers. In the case of longer journeys or to industrial plants, located far from the cities, you need more. In fact, the mayors have presented a 5 billion plan to strengthen public transport.

Safety and masks

It will be necessary to update the safety protocol signed with the unions on March 14 (gloves, masks, and distance to the workplace, thermoscanner to measure temperature, sanitization of environments). Finally, the masks: at least seven million a day are needed but, at this time, as Commissioner Domenico Arcuri said, deliveries are stopped at four million.


The risk index map

The basis of the plan is the map on risk indices compiled by Email based on Ateco’s codes. The criteria used to compile the reopening map are essentially three: exposure to the virus, the proximity of workers, aggregation. Based on the three variables, INAIL has assigned a level of risk ranging from low to very high. The automotive industry (with related industries), textiles and clothing, metallurgy, iron and steel and construction have obtained a medium-low risk index. And these will be the activities that will start again on May 4th if not on Monday, April 27th. Colao had proposed to exonerate 60-year-old workers from returning, but the Prime Minister opposed it because “the lockdown cannot be prolonged: we resume activities as long as they are safe”.

“The goal is to ease anti-contagion measures from May 4th.” According to what is learned, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to the regions and municipalities in the video conference on phase 2. At the meeting of the control room, the Prime Minister would have explained the reasons for the caution of the government, thus curbing the possibility of reopening some sectors as early as April 27th. The derogation will be granted only to those who have the prefects’ permission on security protocols. Conte, illustrating Colao’s plan, would have explained that from May 4, manufacturing, construction, services to people, and some commercial activities could resume operations in compliance with the safety protocol signed at the time which remains the “compass” of the executive.


The unions ask for prudence

“There are still many open questions to discuss and the hypothesis to immediately resume all activities, as requested by someone, as early as April 27, just on the eve of World Health and Safety Day, is an imperceptible hypothesis. Moreover, whoever proves he is entitled can already have recourse to the Prefects. Therefore, in the coming days, we must take action to obtain the necessary guarantees and to avoid that there is a risk of painful steps backward on the front of the infections”. unitary note of CGIL, CISL, and UIL, at the end of the round with the premier, Giuseppe Conte, I check the hypothesis circulated in these hours.

To the first ok to move but not between regions

Allow movement even outside the Municipality and within the individual Regions from 4 May, while leaving the limits on intra-regional mobility in force. This is the hypothesis, as learned from various sources, on the government table in view of the start of “phase 2”. Nothing decided, it is explained, but this would be the prevailing orientation at the moment.

A further 4-5 billion for healthcare is expected in April.

Another 4-5 billion for healthcare is coming. According to what is learned from several sources, these are the additional resources that the government aims to allocate with the next anti-Coronavirus decree in April. The resources would serve, among other things, to guarantee a few thousand hiring nurses to cope with the burden of

The phone call with Erdogan

During a day full of appointments, Prime Minister Conte also had the opportunity to talk on the phone with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. According to what was announced by the presidency of the Turkish Republic, the two leaders discussed measures to stem the spread of coronavirus in their respective countries and the crisis resulting from the pandemic, as well as developments in the waters off Cyprus and bilateral relations between Italy and Turkey.


Dl Cura Italia, the vote of confidence tonight

The vote of confidence placed by the government on the dl cura Italia will take place tonight, while the final vote on the measure is expected on Friday around lunchtime.

According to what was established by the conference of the group leaders of Montecitorio, the declarations of the vote on trust will begin at 18.45 and the voting procedures, by roll call, will begin at 20.15. Then the examination of the agendas will start.

Friday will be the turn of the final OK on the measure. At 12.30 the voting declarations and around 14 the final vote. Instead, the information by the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, on issues relating to planning for the resumption of economic activities will take place on Thursday 30 April, at 10 am. The conference of the group leaders of the Chamber has always established it.

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