Donald Trump evaluates extending social distancing in the USA

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The United States is one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus pandemic that afflicts the world.

Social Distancing


Despite the efforts of President Donald Trump to try to avoid infections, the North American nation has the highest number of infected and deaths due to the pathogen, since it already totals 925,039 confirmed cases and 52,185 unfortunate deaths.

Despite various comments from the US president in which he said that he wants to reopen the economy to begin to move forward after the crisis caused by COVID-19, during his press conference, Trump stated that he is studying the possibility of extending social distancing beyond April 30 if the country requires it.

“Until we feel it is safe, we are going to extend them,” said the president, who has been warned by specialists of the risks involved in making a hasty opening, as the US could relapse.

Trump criticizes Georgia governor 

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp made the decision to start the state reopening and there are already active businesses, so he took Trump’s criticism at Thursday’s press conference and assured that he is not happy with the Republican.

“I said, ‘You make the decisions, you’re not following the protocols, but I’m going to let you make your decision, but I want the people in Georgia to be safe, and I don’t want this to explode because you’re deciding to do something that isn’t protocols, ‘”Trump warned Kemp in a recent talk.

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