Interesting and Shocking Facts about North Korea


Interesting and Shocking Facts about North Korea

Interesting and Shocking Facts about North Korea – Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of NORTH KOREA, believed to be known as the modern age “HITLER”. When his father died in 2011, he took command of the North Korean Army. Kim is believed to have ordered the assassination of his brother KIM JONG-NAM in Malaysia, in February 2017, as he felt the threat to his throne. For some, plastic surgery is a means of improving their looks, but Kim Jong-un’s goal was to look like his grandfather, Kim II-sung.

Kim Jong-Un-The Modern Age “HITLER”

Kim Jong-un attended the International School of Bern in Switzerland under the pseudonym Pak-un, doing well at music but failing math and science. Kim Jong-Un ancestors are so important to him that he put one of his ministers into jail for “insufficient grieving” during his father’s funeral, and there are even rumors that he sentenced one assistant to death by mortar for being drunk during mourn.

Kim Jong-Un is a Dae-Jung, which is the equivalent of a general in the military. Of course, he has no military experience, making him the highest-ranking military man with no experience but believed to have got two degrees, one in maths and physics; and the other from military university. PULGASARI- Kim Jong – IL had Intelligence officers kidnap a South Korean director in order to create his own version of Godzilla.

Read on to find out few interesting and shocking facts about North Korea

Autocratic Leadership:

Everything that goes on the channel, Television, Radio is controlled by the government. North Koreans have only three channels and people watch sit through them because they have no other choice. Newscasters are not allowed to talk about the hardships their citizens got through or the fact much of the population lives in poverty. They are only allowed praise their Leader.


Autocratic Leadership


Punishment for Crime:

If you commit a crime in North Korea, not only you but three generations, i.e. grandparents, parents and children bear the brunt of the punishment. The law was made to try to prevent individuals from escaping from the prison.


Punishment for Crime in North Korea
Punishment for Crime in North Korea


The Restricted Hair Style:

The North Korean government only has 28 official hairstyles approved as other hairstyles are banned and all men and women in the country have to follow the same hairstyles. For Women, there are various styles to choose from but Married Women are instructed to keep their Hair short. Single women may have their hair longer or slightly curled. Kim Jong-Un in 2013 did not include his own hairstyle because he wanted to keep it unique naming it to be “Ambitious Hair Cut”. Amazingly, he cut his own hair due to a fear of barbers.


The Restricted Hair Style


Customized Basket Ball Rules:

Basket Ball in North Korea has different rules than usual. Slam dunks are worth three points and not two; field goals in the final three minutes of the game are of eight points. A point is deducted for every miss on three throws.


Kim with Dennis Rodman


Capital only for Elite:

Pyongyang, the capital city of North Korea, is a self-styled utopia reserved for the elite population and you need to have an express permission to make the capital your home.



Pyongyang-The Capital City of North Korea

Hardships for Education:

A student going to school has to pay for their own desks and chairs! The fees don’t cover it and the parents have to pay it separately. They are also used as labor. Surprisingly they claim to have 100% literacy.


Hardships for Education in North Korea


Barriers on Western Culture:

In North Korea, the Bible, Jeans, Pizza, Burger, I-Phones, TV, and laptops are considered to be a symbol of western culture and therefore not allowed in the country as it might influence the people.




Natural Fertilizer:

Severe restrictions on fertilizers made them go natural using Human Faeces. Shops have capitalized on the demand for human waste, which is now considered a commodity.


Human Waste used as Fertilizers in North Korea


JUCHE Calendar:

In North Korea, they do not use the Gregorian calendar like most of the world, Instead, they use Kim Il-sung’s date of birth, referring to it as the ‘JUCHE’ calendar that was first introduced to North Korea in September 1997. They have their own time zone called as Pyongyang time zone.


JUCHE Calender



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