Google adds 3D and augmented reality experiences to searches


To help make home classes more interesting, Google added 3D and augmented reality experiences to searches (Google Search), so that users can turn their room into a virtual laboratory, explore Apollo 11 or visit distant caves with the help of your cell phone. 

“It is one thing to read about the human heart, and it is another to look closely at one to understand how it pumps blood to provide oxygen,” Google said in a press release on May 8. 

Thanks to an alliance with  BioDigital, search engine users can explore 11 human body systems using augmented reality experiences from Google on mobile devices. To do this, users must type “circulatory system” in the search engine and click “View in 3D”. This tool also allows you to click on the displayed labels for more information and shows you a real size representation to better understand their scale. 


Google augmented reality
Google augmented reality


Likewise, Google partnered with other companies such as  Visible Body, to create augmented reality models of animal, plant and bacterial cells, and thanks to Google Arts & Culture and institutions such as the Smithsonian National Air museums and the Space Museum, you will be able to see astronaut Neil Armstrong’s life-size costume or visit the Chauvet cave in France to see some of the oldest cave paintings in history. 

This initiative joins others, such as the launch of the Read-Along app – which helps children read – created by Google to make the experience of children who study at home better because of the confinement of the pandemic.

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