How has coronavirus affected prisons in the United States?

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With more than a million infected and more than 60 thousand people dead, the United States continues to position itself as the country with the most cases of coronavirus

Many sectors have been affected by the pandemic; however, some of those who suffer the most are the criminals found in the different prisons of the country.

Prisons in the United States
Prisons in the United States


A prison in Marion, Ohio, is the most infected in the United States. Almost 80% of the inmates who are there have tested positive for coronavirus. Furthermore, even though many states have begun to reopen under the pretext that the worst is over, many people have died in the country’s jails.

And it is that nobody inside can guarantee the adequate distance in the cells, in addition to facing another great difficulty: few medical personnel and protective equipment. One of the victims is Andrea Circle Bear, a 30-year-old American woman from South Dakota. Bear entered a Texas federal prison pregnant on drug charges in March. It soon caught and was intubated. She delivered by cesarean section and died a few weeks later.

Prisons in the United States
Prisons in the United States

Few tests

According to COVID Prison Data, a group of experts in criminal justice and data reported that according to collected data, a total of at least 13,436 inmates and 5,312 prison workers in the country have tested positive for coronavirus.

The main problem is because the states are not paying attention to them, and there are very few tests being carried out in the country’s prisons. Less than 3,000 tests have been carried out for coronaviruses, where 1,842 prisoners and 343 employees tested positive. Besides, 36 inmates have already died from the pandemic.

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