How to see the ring of fire solar eclipse this June 21


The first solar eclipse of 2020 will delight a small part of the world with a brilliant “ring of fire” this June 21 (or June 20, depending on where you are on the planet).

An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is too far from us to completely cover the Sun from our view, thus leaving a circle of light around the Moon. This is why this eclipse receives the poetic name of “ring of fire”.

The total annular eclipse will be visible in parts of Africa and Asia. “A thin strip from Africa to the Pacific Ocean will be able to see the Moon in front of the Sun (blocking 99.4 percent of the Sun at its peak point in northern India), such that only one bright ring will be visible,” said the NASA.

Solar Eclipse
Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse – Photographer Kristen M Caldon captured this sequence from an annular eclipse in Grand Canyon National Park in 2012

Time and Date allows you to enter details of your region of residence and will let you know if you will be able to see a total eclipse, a partial eclipse or if you will not be able to see it from where you live. A NASA website also displays the eclipse’s route on an interactive map and allows you to zoom in to find a place from which to appreciate the phenomenon.

However, if you are not in the right place to see the eclipse in person, you can still appreciate it thanks to the  Virtual Telescope Project, which is responsible for broadcasting these celestial events live. Eclipse fans in the United States will have to unveil, as the  Virtual Telescope Project will begin broadcasting at 10:30 p.m. PT on the night of Saturday, June 20.

The Japan National Astronomical Observatory will offer a live broadcast in Japanese with its view of the partial eclipse beginning at 11:45 pm Pacific time on Saturday, June 20.

And do not worry. This will not be the only eclipse of the year. A total eclipse of the Sun is expected on December 14 and can be seen in South America.

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