How to use your iPhone to control your Apple TV remotely


The Apple TV has its own remote control, but like the TV remote sometimes, it’s easy enough to get lost in the sofa cushions. If this is your case, rest assured, because you can use your iPhone as a remote control to control your Apple TV. We tell you how to do it in two different ways.

Apple TV
Apple TV


The first option is to use the Apple TV Remote app available on the App Store. Download the app on your iPhone and make sure it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV, otherwise, it won’t work. Once the application starts, it will detect your Apple TV and ask you to write the four-digit code that appears on the Apple TV on your phone. From then on, you can use the application to navigate and use Apple TV using the keyboard search engine and the navigation buttons.

If you prefer not to use applications, you have an option available within the settings of your own iPhone as long as it has iOS 11 or higher as the operating system. It is your own command function within the control center of the phone that you have to activate previously. To do this, access through Settings> Control Center> Customize controls.

Below all, click on the “Apple TV Remote” option to add the option to the control center. Now access by sliding your finger down from the upper right corner and you will see that an icon in the form of remote control has appeared. If you click on it, it will start searching for an Apple TV to link to. Remember that both Apple TV and iPhone must be on the same Wi-Fi network in order to use the phone as a remote. Once they are detected, it will ask you to pair it with a four-digit code that will appear on your Apple TV. Mark it on your iPhone and voila, you can start using your iPhone as a controller.

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