Incentive check in May: When is the deadline and who is left to receive it?

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The distribution of stimulus checks of $ 1,200 as part of federal economic support, to face the crisis caused by the coronavirus, is about to come to an end; however, there is still a large sector of the population that benefits from this financial support from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and they still do not receive their payment.

People who have not yet received their stimulus check include veterans, Supplemental Security Income recipients (disabled), as well as Social Security and Railroad Retirement recipients.

Incentive Check
Incentive Check


Beneficiaries of Social Security, as well as those of the Railroad Retirement, will begin to receive their payment from next May 4, while veterans and beneficiaries of Social Security Income will have to wait until mid-May to start receiving their payment.

When is the deadline to update my information and receive the extra 500USD per child?

Now, if you are part of the beneficiaries who are missing to receive their payment and you have not updated the information of your dependents, that is, of your children, you will have until next May 5 to do so; Of course, as long as you belong to the group of veterans or beneficiaries of Social Security Income because the rest of the beneficiaries (those who will begin to receive their payment on May 04) their deadline to update said information has expired.

How to update the information of my dependents?

Being a veteran or beneficiary of Social Security Income and not reporting taxes, the IRS has made the ‘Non-Filers’ tool available to the general public with which you can update the information of your dependents, as the IRS will give you an extra $ 500 (apart from 1,200) per child; therefore, it is imperative to update said information. Otherwise, you will not obtain the mentioned amount.

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