JK Rowling slams Trump over misleading video


JK Rowling slams Trump over misleading video

JK Rowling slams Trump over misleading video – Yes, you heard it the right author of famous novel Harry Potter JK Rowling had slammed US president Donald Trump. Hardly a day goes when Donald Trump doesn’t offend someone.

JK Rowling is not new for taking on US president Donald Trump on famous social networking site Twitter she had previously blasted on tweet done by US president for a spelling mistake of “unprecedented” and she taunted her tweet as fake news. Harry Potter author JK Rowling is one of the famous authors of the world and she is never afraid sharing her thoughts on social media like Twitter. She engages her battle out twitter speaking up her mind on Brexit and the Scottish referendum with Piers Morgan. Now JK Rowling slams Trump over misleading video on Youtube. This video shows that how US president Donald Trump didn’t shake the hand with the boy who just wanted to touch him.

JK Rowling had slams Trump on Twitter over misleading a disabled boy on a wheel chair. US president Donald Trump had 11 million twitter followers. JK Rowling criticized Trump for misleading the boy. The viral video on YouTube on US president Donald Trump shows that the when the US president entered the room for the speech the disabled boy on the wheelchair was first to greet him.  While leaving the room after the speech the boy sitting on wheel chair was done misleading by him. When Donald Trump was leaving the little boy just wanted to touch him but US president didn’t even handshake the child. For this video viral on YouTube Harry Potter novel’s famous writer, JK Rowling had done 7 tweets from which some are deleted in this way she slams Trump. He twitted about US president Donald Trump that how stunning and horrible could be US President Donald Trump. He could not even bring himself to the disabled boy sitting in a wheelchair to shake the hand of the small boy. The boy only wanted to touch the president.


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