Krishnarjuna Yuddham Review- Nani acting skills steals your Heart


Krishnarjuna Yuddham Review:

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Nani + Nani = “Eye Feast”

Natural Star “Nani” is on a winning streak. Nani bagged his Ninth hit in a row. Sounding like an IPL commentary? Just being seasonal… If you want to choose between IPL and Nani… you would prefer Nani this time… No exaggeration in my words… I am talking about Nani’s natural acting skills. Now, let’s check the Krishnarjuna Yuddham Review.

Krishnarjuna Yuddham Cast:

Nani, Anupama Parameswaran, Rukshar Dhillon, Merlapaka Gandhi, Sahu Garapati, Harish Peddi, Hiphop Tamizha, Karthik Ghattamaneni.

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Nani plays a dual role in this film. To begin Krishna (Nani) a young man in the district of Chittoor will have a love interest in Riya(Ruksar Mir), eventually, this love gets mutual. To his surprise, Riya goes missing.

In another role Arjun (Nani) who looks like Krishna, a famous pop singer flirts with Lakshmi (Anupama). Frustrated with his acts Lakshmi goes to her hometown Hyderabad.

How did Krishna find Riya soon? Will Arjun impress Lakshmi? Do Lakshmi and Riya have anything in common? What are the hardships faced by these interesting characters? Will their search for love end up with a war?

To find the answers to the above you must watch this movie Krishnarjuna Yuddham.


Nani’s Mass Action as Krishna gives you goosebumps.

Chittor slang elevates humor to another level.

Ruksar performance and the way she looks in the film is mind-blowing.

The Story Narration is very good and Gandhi did a great job, especially the first part.

Hip-hop Tamizha Music is decent and adds to the film.


The routine storyline and predictable kidnap drama.
Lengthy and unwanted Lag in the story, especially in the second half.
Had there been a strong villain in the film, it would have further elevated the Heroism.

Chal Moan Ranga movie rating by QLB News:  3.25/5


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