Made Like a Gun Goes like a Bullet – Royal Enfield


Made Like a Gun Goes like a Bullet – As a ‘RE rider, (I ride a ‘RE Thunderbird 2009 model) I love the ‘RE to the core. The way it handles the city roads and highways too. Yes, you cannot expect the high speeds that you get on the lighter plastic bikes (Just kidding, on the plastics). It has got a big 350cc engine however it is crude and not that refined as it should be to increase the performance of the bike. But the joy of riding a ‘RE is just awesome. The maintenance is high compared with smaller 150cc 200 cc bikes. Does it really matter if you are a ‘RE fan!

Made Like a Gun Goes like a Bullet

Made Like a Gun Goes Like a Bullet
Made Like a Gun Goes Like a Bullet

Established in 1893, Royal Enfield is among the oldest motorcycle companies. The assembling of these bullets started in 1955 with the collaborationĀ of Madras motors. Later on, the spares and parts were manufactured here in India. Since then the armed forces to the police dept., ‘RE was the only choice.

As the quote goes “Made like a Gun Goes like a Bullet”, RE has now become a household name now selling almost 45000 units per month as per a report.

There are many reasons why people choose the ‘RE

  • All metal body
  • The authoritative thumping sound of the engine
  • Competitive pricing
  • A minimum 350cc engine
  • Semi-Cruiser looks

A few years back it introduced the 500cc Continental GT to the Indian market, this bike looked great and rode great too. However, this one had a split handlebar and the riding position was more sporty and was not liked by riders who go on long tours. That was not my opinionĀ I loved this big bull. It was not successful in the market. Later on, there were few cosmetic changes that were done to the existing models and no new models were announced.

Early last year it introduced the mighty “Himalayan” to its stable of Bulls. Designed by the Italian designer Pierre Terblanche, led the design team. This mean machine looks stunningly beautiful and very different from the rest of its brothers and was an instant hit. The bike looked nothing like a Bullet and not even Sounded like a Bullet

This was a new breed of motorcycles that ‘RE introduced to the Biking community of India. The Himalayan is specifically built as an Adventurer Tourer for the biking enthusiasts that were hesitant to take the RE’s on off-road tracks and rough terrains.

Made Like a Gun Goes Like a Bullet
Made Like a Gun Goes Like a Bullet

I just loved it, in the first instance I looked at this “Stallion”. If I ever want to upgrade my Old boy (My Thunderbird) then it will be this mighty stallion. But a recent news doing rounds on the internet which suggests that a 750cc twin engine Continental GT in works makes me hold on a bit to check out the TWIN.

The biggest negative for RE is their Service Centres, the authorized service centers are just minting money and hardly have any technical expertise if you complain about something they just replace it even if it repairable. They don’t even attempt to repair or service. RE should be concentrating on their after sales service a bit.

To find a good mechanic for your ‘RE is seemingly very hard. As I said earlier I love my RE to the core so I take that pain to find the right one.



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