A Historic Tribute to Savitri – Mahanati Review


A Historic Tribute to Savitri Gaaru – Mahanati Review:

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Mahanati Review – Some stories are meant to be Epic… The wait for much awaited classic cult is over. Mahanati Savitri gaaru’s biopic hit the screens on Wednesday across the world. Has this movie reached our expectations? Will this be a real tribute to Savitri gaaru? Will Mahanati create a new trend in making biopics? Let’s check the review now.

Mahanati Movie Cast:

Keerthy Suresh, Dulquer Salmaan, Samantha, Vijay Deverakonda, Mohan Babu, Shalini Pandey, Prakash Raj, Nag Aswhin, Priyanka Dutt, Swapna Dutt, Mickey J. Meyer, Dani Sanchez-Lopez, Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao, Siddhaarth Sivasamy

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A journalist in Madras named Madhuravani (Samantha) is assigned a task to cover Savitri gaaru after Mahanati ends up in a coma. During this venture, she probes into the life of Savitri gaaru gathering all her life high’s and low’s from birth until her tragic end of life. What happens after that? You must watch Mahanati on the Big Screen now !!!


Director Nag Ashwin did a spectacular job to present a legendary personality on screen paying a beautiful tribute to our Mahanati Savitri gaaru. The thought of bringing out a biopic on a benchmark actress like Savitri gaaru became a reality for him. Nobody would even expect how beautifully Nag narrated Savitri gaaru’s story. Every picture he captured is like a painting and each picture depicts a pleasant story giving very good moral values to our generation. No deviation from the script, no disturbance at all. All you find throughout the film is losing your self to our Mahanati.
Keerthy Suresh played a role of a lifetime. Everyone who watched the movie grew huge amount of respect for her acting skills. In fact, Keerthy lived in the role of Savitri gaaru. You can’t imagine any other actress but Keerthy herself after watching the movie. Everyone would experience a mindblowing performance and all would be spellbound by her ability to portray a benchmark role. From a very innocent childhood, via addiction to alcohol and her tragic death in the end. Keerthy brings life into the role and delivers the best classic performance of all time.
Samantha plays the role of a journalist and adds to the film. Especially, the climax part is phenomenal and enhances her skill of acting throughout. The chemistry between Vijay Anthony (Vijay Devarakonda) brings emotes comedy all through the film.
Mohan Babu gaaru role in this movie will be one of the highlights in the film and you can’t imagine a better person than him playing the role of S.V Ranga Rao gaaru.
The first half goes very happy and smooth showcasing the beautiful love story between Savitri gaaru and Gemini Ganesan (Dulquer Salman). Salman is one of the finest actors in the film industry and did a mind-blowing job portraying the role of Gemini Ganeshan gaaru.
Mickey J Mayer does Magic with his music. Every song is so pleasing and adaptable to the situation. Dani Sanchez-Lopez, the cinematographer in the film did a splendid job by bringing in the variation and texture according to the need and demand of time.
All I would say is that even a film critic would find no flaw in this movie and gets immersed in the creation of the Director Nag Ashwin.


All those who are unaware of Savitri gaaru might feel the second half a little boring.
Unwanted Lag in few places in the second half.

Mahanati movie rating by QLB News:  3.75 / 5


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