Microsoft to announce Xbox Series S in May: report

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Microsoft will announce its Xbox Series S, a cheaper version of the Xbox Series X console, in May, according to Windows Central.

Microsoft X Box Series S

The Xbox Series S, which in addition to cheap will have lower specifications than the Xbox Series X, will replace the Xbox One X, the current most powerful console from Microsoft. Windows Central reveals that the power of the Xbox Series S will have 4 teraflops, a third of the immense power that the Xbox Series X will have with its 12 teraflops.

Windows Central says the Xbox Series S is under development with the secret name of “Lockhart”. Microsoft does not comment on rumors or leaks.

Microsoft has only confirmed the launch of the Xbox Series X, a console that will rival the PlayStation 5. The Xbox Series X has been announced little by little, but Microsoft has not yet revealed the official sale date and availability. The console, according to reports, would be between $ 400 and $ 500.

Microsoft has already said it will hold an upcoming event to reveal more details of the upcoming console. Windows Central believes that such an event would be in May and the cheapest new console would also be announced there. At the May event, Microsoft would also announce new headphones and details of the two consoles. 

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