Moto G Fast vs Moto E: Which cheap cell phone to buy?


Motorola has two new phones under $200. These are the Moto E and Moto G Fast, which do not share as many features as you might think.

Something you should know is that the new Moto E is the substitute for what we might have known as Moto E7. Last year we had a Moto E6, but now the name is like that, dry, at least for this edition. On the other hand, the Moto G Fast shares certain features of the Moto G8 Play, although it is an improved version of the G series that is sold in the United States.

Moto G Fast
The Moto E on the left and the Moto G Fast on the right. Motorola

Moto E vs. Moto G Fast: Similarities

  • They have the same screen resolution of 1,520×720 pixels.
  • They come with Android 10.
  • They have 32GB of storage.
  • They can increase the storage with microSD cards up to 521GB.
  • Its connectivity is 4G LTE.
  • They have no NFC.
  • They are splash resistant only.
  • They have a rear fingerprint sensor.
  • They have a headphone jack.
Moto G Fast
On the left Moto E, on the right Moto G Fast

Price does matter

Although we have not tested either of these two phones, if you are looking for a cheap cell phone, these two can meet that need. The Moto E costs $149.99, while the Moto G Fast is worth $ 199.99, and although they are only $50 apart, there are some details that make the Moto G Fast somewhat better, although everything will depend on your budget.

The Moto G Fast has a better processor, better RAM, and a slightly larger 6.4-inch screen vs. 6.2 inches, in addition, its battery is also slightly higher and has three cameras instead of two.

If you want to decide on one of these two phones, keep in mind that neither of them has NFC for mobile payment, for example, and they have resistance only to splashes. Of course, both come with Android 10 and a nice design.

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