Pope: “Europe should have fraternal unity dreamed of by the founding fathers”

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Telephone call with Macron in view of Thursday’s decisive European summit, the call for “innovative solutions”

“In this time in which so much unity is needed among us, among the nations, we pray for Europe today, for Europe to have this unity, this fraternal unity that the founding fathers of the European Union have dreamed of”. It is the prayer expressed by Pope Francis, as Vatican News reports, in the introduction to this morning’s Mass at Casa Santa Marta. In view of Thursday’s decisive European summit, the Pope heard the French president on the phone yesterday. An interview, Emmanuel Macron himself reported on Twitter, “on the proof that humanity is going through and what it demands from us: support Africa and help the poorest countries, pacify suffering through a universal truce in the conflicts, show a united and supportive Europe “.

European Summit
European Summit

Already at Easter, on the occasion of the traditional “Urbi et orbi” blessing, Jorge Mario Bergoglio had spent specific words about Europe: “After the Second World War”, the Pope said, “this continent was able to rise thanks to a concrete spirit of solidarity that has allowed him to overcome the rivalries of the past. It is more urgent than ever, especially in today’s circumstances, that these rivalries do not regain vigor, but that all recognize themselves as part of a single-family and support each other. the European Union faces an epochal challenge, on which not only its future but that of the whole world will depend. Do not miss the opportunity to give further proof of solidarity, also by resorting to innovative solutions. it’s just the selfishness of particular interests and the temptation to return to the past, with the risk of severely testing the peaceful coexistence and development of the next generations”

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