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This article is completely about my love for the village (Save Nature). The greenery because of plants and trees, the beautiful flowers, the fresh air, wide variety of birds with melodious sounds all around, how can anyone not fall in love with nature! Of course, we already have planted many trees and still planning to plant more. We’re in the initial stage of building a small home for few birds, especially Citizen Sparrows and Love Birds. When we were kids (15 years back), we had a lot of citizen sparrows around us. But now, hardly we can see them.

Save Nature

Save Nature
Save Nature

If any of you visit our village, I’m sure you’ll enjoy being there and nobody would ever want to leave such place. That small world of magic which I and my dad have created with plants, trees, flowers, birds and other pets would obviously prove our immense love for nature. People around us keep criticising for spending so much of money on planting/birds/animals. They don’t realize that there wouldn’t be a future for their coming generations if they’re not going to understand the importance of Global Warming. We’re just doing our small part to save nature for these improvements since years.

In the coming days (within 2 years), we want 80% of our residential area to be covered completely with trees (literally a very small thick forest). Also, we would want our home to be filled with a lot of birds (not inside cages). I want them to feel my home as their home, safe from all kind’s of predators.

Most of us aren’t aware of how our planet is dying every day. I know there are people who do their part, which isn’t enough. We need more people to drive this to reach our Planet goals. We can’t stop the industries around the globe which inject more pollution into our environment. At least we as individuals can start contributing a little towards the cause.


Save Nature
Save Nature

Very small request(s) to public (I don’t think this’s tough for you guys/gals) to save nature

  • Daily, please place water (in a small container) and few grains for the birds (hardly takes not more than 5 minutes and also doesn’t cost you much). Especially during hot days lot of birds in cities die due to dehydration. We’ve been doing this for many years.
  • Other than plastic/chemicals related, please do not throw away the waste, instead, put it at some place (especially Tea waste/Used Coffee Beans, etc) for recycling (later can be used for strengthening of soil and many other purposes)
  • Each individual, please plant at least 100 plants/trees in your lifetime (not in just 1 day or 1 year, instead, take 5-30 years to plant before you die) if you want your future generation to be happy and teach your kids the same
  • If you find any Citizen Sparrow caged, I request you to release them free or please do contact us (below email)

I have been in love with nature since I was 5+ years old. I was born in a village but completely raised in a city. But never lost the love for my nature/village, instead, kept increasing. Till date (I’m 37 now) I’ve planted more than 100 plants/trees. Altogether my dad has planted more than 200 plants across our village, at our home and also in the city I was brought up.

Request to real nature lovers – Please help us in developing a very small bird sanctuary in our village. We have 850 square yards of land for which we need sponsors to build a lot of bird homes. We’ve already planted many trees and still, we’re in the process of filling the gaps with trees. I hope this would be one of the ideal and best places at least for few bird species. Please do visit our place in Village Kodur (near Nellore, 18 km’s towards the east, Andhra Pradesh, India).

At the end, I want people to enjoy visiting our place. All the species at our place should be safe and free from predators. Should be the best breeding place for the birds. We’re totally against caging of birds, so once they get used to environment/area, all the birds will be set free and that’s our goal. In future, this would be the best place for kids and old aged especially.

So we started doing our part to save nature, how about you?

If anyone wants to sponsor (be it Ideas/Monetary/Equipment/Birds/Plants) from across the Globe, please do email us at

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