Shivraj singh Chouhan Begins Fast In Bhopal


Shivraj singh Chouhan Begins Fast In Bhopal:

Amid raging farmers agitation in Madhya Pradesh, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan  has started his unspecific fast and will continue “until the peace is restored.

Farmers protest started a week before in Mandsaur over demand for better prices and debt relief. The violent protests of farmers have reached the doorsteps of the capital Bhopal as they blocked roads, demolished property and set vehicles on fire.  In the mean while Central Govt asked states adjoining Madhya Pradesh to keep strict stake-out against the spread of farmers’ protest.

Shivraj singh Chouhan Begins Fast In Bhopal

On the other hand the opposition has called it is “drama” of Shivraj Singh Chouhan and criticised his duplicity. Opposition leader Ajay Singh told news agency IANS, While the farmers in the state are on the roads with their appeal, CM has got down to this drama and now will spend crores of rupees in this Arvind Kejriwal-like drama.

In Mandsaur district the situation intensified when five farmers were killed in clashes on the sopt. At least 156 people have been arrested and 40 cases registered in connection with violence during the farmers protests here.

In the while CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan assembled a press conference and ensured that people,s safety was his ‘ RAJDHARMA’.He said the protes has gone “anarchic” and appealed to the farmers to come to the negotiating table.

The state government has started buying onion for Rs 8 per kg from the farmers, while Moong and Urad pulses too will be bought at Minimum Support Price (MSP), the CM said.

Inforamtion from Madhya Pradesh Agriculture Minister Gauri Shank Bisen categorically refused to provide any relief, saying the government has already been providing interest free loans and hence there’s no need for a waiver.

Now, Chouhan should tell people whether his so-called fast is a “nautanki” (drama) or not.


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