Skill Show – The best in you


Skill Show – The best in you


We’ve talents everywhere, just that they need some promotion and push to get to the next level.

Here you go with one of the best writings in recent times.


I have been with her for quite some time now

I always thought I know her, but fail at it somehow

She was with me when there were happy tides

Not to mention the testing times…


“I am with you”, she says when I complain loneliness

“Mistakes do happen”, she encourages me to confess

This isn’t the right path for you, she guides

The sky is the limit, she says, you just have to glide.


I don’t see her much these days

Don’t have to bother; maybe she isn’t a good mate!

But there is nothingness now all around

I get alarmed at the slightest sound


Too many things I do in distress

Many are the people that I try to impress

I don’t want to do this, I cry

Life, alas! Has become so dry


Anger, frustration is all that I have now

Depression is the name of the boat I sail now

I look for help for things that were just a play

Why can’t I do them now? It is only dismay……


What is it that caused this change?

I need that pal with me again!

I start looking for that lost friend

Maybe she left blaming an offend


No, says an inner voice, it is nothing that you lost…

Wipe those tears; it is such a simple task

Flash!!! Comes to my mind she looked a mirror image of mine

Hey… wait she is none other than I!!


I am not alone, now I know

Past is what I need to blow

A reconnect is so tough, no one had told

But I am not going lose this gift precious as gold!!


  • by Radhika Pingali


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