Telegram will add secure group video calls to your app

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2020 seems to be the year of group video calls, especially in times of quarantine and social distancing. The instant messaging platform Telegram will now join the trend and will include the possibility of making group video calls starting this year.

Telegram WhatsApp
Telegram WhatsApp

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This has been announced, ensuring that they will be completely safe and at the same time quite easy to use and useful, an obvious nod to the security problems that apps like the recently popular Zoom have had.

Telegram, in fact, has been slow to implement video calls on its platform, but this year they seem to want to correct it by including not only these types of one-to-one calls but also group calls. The platform has also announced that it had surpassed 400 million active users worldwide, adding an additional 100 million additional users in one year.

Recently it was also announced that WhatsApp will implement improvements in terms of its video call capabilities, exceeding the limit of just 4 participants they have so far, for a new number still unknown. As for Telegram, it remains to be seen how many simultaneous users will support group video calls when they arrive sometime in 2020. [ Telegram via Verge ]

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