The ideal toy for this Christmas of 2020 could be a killer hornet


We are not even half the year yet, but we already have the Baby Yoda relay: a toy of the murderous hornet, something very consistent for this unlikely 2020.

The Japanese company Kaiyodo, recognized for making anime characters, as well as pop culture monsters – such as King Kong and Godzilla – presented this June 9 a figure that recreates the Mandarinian Vespa, better and more sadly known in the West as “murderous hornet “

The brand that represents the insect is Revoltech RevoGeo, a division of Kaiyodo, which refers to the joint system (Revolver Technology and Revolver Joint) that allow its figures to have movements, poses, and stability, as we can see in the following video

This insect rose to fame in May, after a New York Times article announcing its dangerous arrival in the United States. 

It is a kind of hornet, with an orange head and abdomen with black stripes, according to the newspaper. These animals have powerful jaws, the stinger goes through protective suits, and a queen of this species can grow up to 5 centimeters. It is estimated that, in Japan, it kills up to 50 people a year.

The scale reproduction of the bug is impressive, as can be seen in the images that were published on Kaiyodo’s official Twitter account:

Precisely the stinger that comes out of the abdomen is one of the most tender and crazy things that we can see in the video of the Japanese company.

For now, it is only known that the piece will go on sale in Japan on August 9. Perhaps later, like real insects, it will reach the United States and the world.

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