The sad reason why many have not received their $ 1,200 payment

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Millions of Americans are still waiting for the $ 1,200 payment that the government agreed to as part of the economic stimulus for the coronavirus.

Millions of Americans are still waiting for the $ 1,200 payment
Millions of Americans are still waiting for the $ 1,200 payment


The first payments were sent more than a week ago by direct deposit. Others are being mailed to taxpayer residences. You may retire and other recipients of social insurance receive it with the rest of its benefits at the beginning of May.

ProPublica report says thousands of people have not obtained payment despite records indicating they should have done so in the first wave of direct deposits. The reason for the delay is that they are low-income people.

The outlet says about 20 million people file their taxes using the services of tax preparers like H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, TurboTax, among others. These services are very popular with low-income people because they offer options to pay for services without the client having to pay any amount.

What happens is that the preparer discounts the number of his services with the money of the tax refund that corresponds to the client.

The problem is that the IRS has the bank information of the preparer and not that of the taxpayer. This week hundreds of people expressed outrage that when they asked about their payment in the Get my payment tool they discovered that the money was deposited into an account that they did not know.

Millions of stimulus payments have been returned to the IRS, which will now have to mail checks to taxpayers, who are experiencing financial need.

Spokesmen for H&R Block and TurboTax blamed the IRS for the mess and delays when contacted by ProPublica.

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