Vivegam Ajith’s action-packed spy thriller


Vivegam Ajith’s action-packed spy thriller
With garnering a total of  16 million views after the trailer released, Vivegam seems to be an instant hit. The genre is spy thriller and action is on the peak with style. Before this, director Siva has delivered many hits like Siruthai, Vedhalam and Veeram. All of his movies got critics love and commercial success and this why Vivegam is anticipated to be a hit instantly. The movie is full of stars, and the songs are out. Here’s our review of Vivegam before release.
Since the movie is set to release on August 17, all we can speculate is from movie’s teasers. The visuals of the film are very eye-pleasing, and Ajith looks better than before with the six packs and heavy built. However, the trailer gives us a plotline of a spy on a mission to find a most wanted criminal. The same old story but the way teaser looks like; there may be a twist when the movie hits the theater. The songs of this film are a plus factor. The background sound in the teaser boots audiences adrenaline rush as Ajith speaks his most catch-phrase line- Never, ever give up. This one single line is already a hit with his fans.

Direction and Cinematography
Siva has directed the movie Vivegam, and if we talk about his old works, this movie seems to be a better version of his work. He has been able to leave a mark on audience and critics and did more than just direction. He tends to make the movie alive, and this is what you’ll feel while watching, even just a teaser. The cinematography is done by Vetri. Previously has worked as a cinematographer in some of the commercially successful movies like Thenavattu, Muni 2: Kanchana and Veeram.
The movie has a positive music factor, and the released songs are an instant hit with the fans. The latest released Surviva has crossed 3.1 million views despite being in Tamil only. The teaser of Surviva has crossed 3.6 million which makes the song more hit.
The movie is full of stars like Ajith Kumar in the primary role, Kajal Aggarwal and Akshara Hassan in pivotal roles and Vivek Oberoi’s role is yet to be disclosed.  But going with speculations, he may be the villain


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