YouTube integrates data verification into US searches

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YouTube continues to work to mitigate the presence of misleading COVID-19 related content on its platform.




The platform owned by Google announced on April 28 that its video data verification system  – which until now was only available in India and Brazil – arrives in the United States. This tool shows above the searches a box with related information that has been verified by official organizations as well as links to sources such as the WHO. To carry out content verification, YouTube will work with more than a dozen US data verifiers. including The Dispatch,, PolitiFact, and The Washington Post Fact Checker. The company says it will also contribute $ 1 million to the IFCN (International Fact-Checking Network for its acronym in English).

“In recent years we have seen more and more people coming to YouTube for news and information. They want to know the latest on a choice, find multiple perspectives on a topic, or learn about a major breaking news event. Recently, the COVID-19 outbreak and its worldwide spread have reaffirmed how important it is for viewers to obtain accurate information during rapidly evolving events, “Google said in its statement. At the moment it is unknown if the platform will take this tool to other territories. 

Google announced in early April that it would invest $ 6.5 million to support data verifiers and non-profit organizations that focus on the quality of information about the coronavirus, the pandemic that as of April 29 had infected more than 3.1 million people and caused more than 217,000 deaths worldwide.


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